Book Reviews

Title: The Put Em Rights

Author: Enid Blyton
Illustrator: Elizabeth Wall
Publisher: Lutherworth Press
Category: Children’s Adventures
Type: Novel
First Edition: 1946
Rating: 9  / 10

The Put Em Rights are a secret gang who help everybody during the long summer break. Bossy Sally along with lazy Amanda, stingy Mickey, careless Podges, timid Yolande, and snobby Bobby are all eager to help the local community and solve everybody’s problems. But its not easy trying to help without getting into lots of trouble! They also find that there are some things about themselves, which needs putting right too!

The best part was when Sally eventually realised that we should remember to be kind when appointed as a leader. I felt sorry for the Put Em Rights when Bobby told the group’s secret to his mother, who spread it amongst the village children. Then they made fun of the gang’s name. 

I would rate this book a nine out of ten and also recommend to those who enjoy adventure stories.