Announcement | Concerns Over Summer Vacation Homework

Dear Parents,

Assalamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu.

Some parents have expressed their concern over the amount of Holiday Homework posted on the school website. As teachers, we are intimately aware that the current global situation is unprecedented and that everyone is coping in their own way. We believe that providing healthy routines and balance is the best approach to nourish children’s mental-wellbeing. In order to curb the apprehension, the management has decided to make the English Homework Assignment optional at the Class IV level. However, the Literature Novel Task shall remain mandatory.

Nonetheless, kindly note that if the instructions to the assignments are read closely, it can be determined that there is a great deal of choice and flexibility that can be paced and carefully managed over a course of a few weeks (excluding weekends) if the child sits for just an hour every day. The intention is for students to engage in healthy outlets and for us to continue to provide them opportunities to connect with learning under minimum parental guidance. Kindly also note that there is NO requirement for any print-out. Tasks can be done on foolscap sheets or A4 paper if chosen to do so. Students who do embark upon submitting the homework will be credited accordingly. 

To facilitate parents in time management for completion of homework tasks, a proposed schedule shall be made available upon request which would encompass the parameters given above.

It is our ardent hope that together, we shall ensure no significant gap is suffered in the development of our children moving forward and pray to Allah (SWT) to remove this calamity that has befallen the world so that we may all resume our regular daily lives. 


The Intellect Management