Annual Maths Meet 2021-22

 Mathematics is said to be a universal language, better way to understand the world around us. It  is a medium to equip students with knowledge, skills & habits of mind; it’s tool to develop logical thinking. The study of mathematics, is like the Nile, begins in minuteness but ends in magnificence. The Mathematics Department arranged The Annual Math Meet for the students of Grade VI till VIII . The  Student displayed a good show of their mathematical capabilities in different round of the contest. Student recognize mathematics perimeters in the world around us, appreciate the usefulness, power and beauty of mathematics. Enjoy Mathematics and develop patience and persistence when solving problems. Students witnessed that the competitions could be held under shariah compliance and it could be knowledgeable as well as entertaining. Dr Uzma Shakir VP highly motivated the Maths team along with the Section Head and handed over token of  appreciation in the Morning Assembly the next day.                


*For Grade VI* 

Hafsa Naveed

Ayesha Siddiqah


 *For Grade VII* 

Hafa M Ali

Areeba Fuzail


*For Grade VIII* 

 Nimrah Ovais

Aisha Abdullah

Person responsible for organizing the programme

Ms Summaiya Yaqoob and Maths team