Annual Sports Day 2021-2022

“Sports is the greatest physical poetry.”

The much awaited Annual Sports Day of the Junior Section was held on Friday 25th February, 2022. The students entered the sports field in a grand way with a synchronized and coordinated walk past. An oath was taken by the students to play fairly and display sportsmanship. 
The ceremony was declared open by Ms. Mainaz Iqbal by welcoming the esteemed guests and emphasizing on the importance of sports in a child’s life. 
The tone was set for the rest of the event as the students of Grade III performed a mesmerising PT Display for the audience. 
Once the races began, the air was filled with cheering, takbeers and tons of encouragement for the young athletes by their peers and mothers. 
Students of Junior Section competed in races such as skipping race, relay race, obstacle race, backward race and many other races. The winners were awarded medals as they stood happily on the victory stand. 
After the students it was the turn of the teachers, mothers and the domestic staff to run on the tracks and receive the medals! 
The event concluded with the victory lap by the winning house, the Red House.