Arabic Market

On Friday,21st January 2022 Arabic market was organized for students of classes IV-VIII at the Senior Court yard. The aim behind to organized this Arabic market was to promote Arabic language skills-especially conversation. The market started at 8:30 am sharp. Three students from each class/section were selected to help the teachers as Arabic sellers to converse in Arabic with the buyers. Two stalls were given to each class section i.e. there were total 40 stalls. Colorful pictures were pasted on easel boards and walls with the item name in Arabic and English along with the price lists. The items included were toys, stationery, Scarfs, dry fruits, jewelry, water bottles. Itr. caps, artificial flowers and food items. Beside our students, students of junior section (Classes II & III) also visited the Arabic market enjoyed buying the items. Alhamdulilah! all students had good time.

Person responsible foe organizing the programme:

Ms khitam and the Arabic Team