Dare To Dream

Dare to  Dream ‘ session with the O level students. Mr Syed Muhammad Ali Adnan  who is director of IOTA WORLD  has a broad experience of interacting with the youth and transform their mindset. He was invited to the school to conduct a session with  the O level  students. His emphasis was on the fact  that being a superior creation human being has been given a gift  to dream  and to  strive to attain that dream. He  correlated the dreams with the targets in one’s life. He  further went on  saying that once  the dream /target is set, we have the destination and to reach that destination we have to choose a path. On the path our destination ,we encounter distractions and the only way to avoid distraction is to become persistence. The persistence is acquired  by being sincere to our dream/goal .He quoted the examples of Dr .Abdul Qadeer Khan (Pakistan nuclear physicist and metallurgical engineer) And Dr. Abdul Bari khan (founder of Indus Hospital) in his presentation. The speaker also shared information on the prerequisites of the development of the Jews Nation and the causes of the decline  of the Mughal Empire. The Whole session was cohesive  with  the idea of setting targets  in life  and avoiding distractions & family achieving the targets. Furthermore , the  feedback was sought  from the students and the teachers after the session. Usman Khalil of grade IX said , “The session  was motivational and wonderful. Another student of grade XI said, “we look forward to more session like this”. The O Level teachers were also enthusiastic about the session and had the same opinion.