Farewell Bash 2022 - O' & A' Level Girls

Our dear Class XI and A2 cohort were given a resounding send-off on the 15th of March 2022. Dressed in their finest, they looked absolutely resplendent amidst the spring-themed décor. As they rejoiced and reminisced on their years spent at the Intellect, their juniors had arranged an entertaining and emotive program that would be remembered for years to come. Teachers and staff were also given tribute, as were the parents without whom there could be no success. It all ended with a scrumptious feast of traditional and mouth-watering served straight from the stove, well organized by the school management. 

We thank Allah SWT with all our hearts for giving us the opportunity to shape the lives of these children and to play a small role in enabling them to take the mantle of our country’s future.