Field Trip -Magnificence Center Middle section -Boys Campus

Supervised by the science Faculty students from the middle section of the boys Campus were taken on a field trip to TDF Magnifi Science to visually experience the applications of science in their daily lives. Students were divided in groups and then were guided to area where science related projects and activities were displayed to them. Student did some hands -on activities on the projects to enhance their critical thinking skills and they looked into the application of science in the world around us.
Magnifi Science is an inclusive platform that creates learning spaces by inviting people together from all background .It includes science exhibition across the country and children ‘s studios.
with the objective to encourage science literacy in society ,the trip to the exhibition provided a learning space to explore the world of science through exhibits ,experiments, and expositions.
Such exhibition will promote the culture of science ,technology ,and critical thinking among the youth .Students were engaged in hands-on activities, exploring the scientific diversity ,evaluating the knowledge with the off-campus learning experience, and investigating deep concepts base on inquiry and curiosity.