Intellect Wins at Inter School Math Olympiad (ISMO)!!


Dear Parents,

Out of a total of 300 students from various schools, The Intellect School attained 11 positions. We are grateful to Almighty Allah S.W.T for bestowing great success on the young students of The Intellect School. Mash’Allah, Intellect secured a number of positions in ISMO.

The Girls Section:
Alhumdulilah, six students out of 50 students secured a position from the Senior Girls Section. The list of winners are as follows:


Name Class Position
Khadija Waqas V-C    19th
Amna Tariq V-A   15th
Hira Arshad VI-B   16th
Manahil Junaid VI-A     8th
Urwa Azeem VII-A     19th
Alishba Yaqoob VII-B      4th


The Boys Section:

Alhumdulilah, out of 41 students, five of our students from The Intellect School secured a position in ISMO 2016. The list of winners are as follows:

          Name Class   Positions
Muhammad Khan   V     4th
Maaz Darvesh


  VI    15th
Sunain Mushtaq   VII    13th
Abdullah Siddiqui   VII   20th
Hashir Ayjaz   VII    11th


May Allah S.W.T. grant us more success. Ameen!!

Jazakillah Khair,


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