Qirat Competition 1499/2022

The Intellect School Junior Section hosted the Annual Qirat Competition on 12th Shaban1443/16th March 2022, Wednesday.Participants mesmerised the audience with their heartfelt recitations, MashaAllah. Ya Rabb, may our hearts be ever attached to You سبحانہ تعالٰی, Your love , Your obedience and with those whom You love. Help us do those deeds that bring us closer to You, Aameen.

Winners Qirat Competition

Grade I

Yusha Haroon( I – H) 

1st position 

Jaweria Bilal (I-F) 

2nd position

 Syed Ahmed Imran (I- E) 

3rd position.

 Grade II

Ayesha Sharjeel (II-A)

Hasan Abdullah (II-E)

1st position 

Ashna Illahi (II-B)

2nd position 

Nawar Sakhi (II – F)

Hania Ali  (II-G)

3rd Position

 Grade III

Musfira Imran (III-D) 

1st Position

Rumaisa Salman (III-A)

2nd position 

Muavia Ahmed (III -E) 

3rd position.