The Intellect School Campaign

Dear Parents, 
Helping our Muslim Brothers and Sisters in times of such a plight is our moral obligation, not only that but it is also a great way to deposit a plethora of good deeds in our account. 

The Intellect School’s A-Level section has launched a Flood Relief Campaign in collaboration with the Baitussalam Welfare Trust. We aim to raise a fund of PKR 500,000 along with used clothes and food supplies.
The food supplies include: Dry Fruits, Canned Food, Nimco, Biscuits, Juices and other items that have long shelf life. Please note not to send any dairy items.
Clothes will also be highly appreciated as well, but please make sure that they are in decent condition.
All these items are to be donated at the campus, there will be stalls installed for donation of food and clothing and donation boxes will be set up throughout the School.

We look forward to an enthusiastic response that is well worthy of our sympathy and values.
You can follow us on social media for regular updates.


TIS A-Level Section